Tijdelijk geannuleerd: Symposium Yazidi Genocide: Community Impact and International Response

Tijdelijk geannuleerd

Dear Family, Friends, and Montium Members,

It is with the utmost disappointment that we write this. Due to a lack of ticket sales, and as a result a significant financial shortfall, we are forced to cancel the symposium ‘Crimes against the Yazidis: Community Impact and International Response’. All tickets sold for Sunday, 24 June will be refunded. This decision has not been taken lightly. .

Although small, our symposium sought to discuss the current situation and explore practical steps toward remedying the Yazidi’s ever-worsening communal wounds. The Yazidi community deserves solutions to the existential problems they face. There has been little constructive discourse, and even less action, on the international community’s failure to assist the Yazidis. Going forward, we will evaluate our planning and seek new sources of funding in anticipation of holding the symposium in October.

Crimes against the Yazidis: Community Impact and International Response

Throughout their long history, the Yazidis, one of the oldest religious groups in the Middle East, have been subjected to numerous atrocities.

In August 2014, on and around the holy mountain of Sinjar, the Yazidi community were again targeted, this time by the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Much of the region has been destroyed. Although Sinjar has been liberated since November 2015, reconstruction of necessary facilities that could enable the community’s return has been slow. Most people still live in camps, few have had access to adequate psychological care, and the community remains vulnerable. In these ways, not only is the physical survival of the Yazidis threatened but so is their cultural and spiritual survival. A critical discussion of the international community’s response, discourse, and framing of the situation of the Yazidis is needed.

This symposium aims to bring together politicians, legal experts, academics, and humanitarian aid organizations to raise awareness about the current situation of the Yazidi community, both in the Middle East and the diaspora, and explores various topics pertinent to the future of the Yazidi community including the prosecution of crimes committed against the Yazidis, reconciliation between local communities, and reconstruction of the Sinjar region.



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