Symposium: 2500 Years of Kurdistan

Symposium: 2500 Years of Kurdistan

On May 7th, Association Montium will host its inaugural symposium themed “2500 Years of Kurdistan” in Culture Centre Parnassos in Utrecht. During this symposium, we will detail the history, present and future of the Kurdish region. Given the prominent role Kurds play in international relations -from the refugee crisis to issues of sovereignty- this symposium is a must for everyone interested in world politics, history and current affairs.

The symposium will offer a range of interactive, informative and inspiring ways in which to engage with Kurdish affairs. The programme will commence with a keynote speech on the history of the Kurdish people and will subsequently portray the current situation of Kurds through the medium of film.

We will then continue with three break-out sessions that detail different aspects of present-day Kurdistan: Gender & Women’s Rights, Entrepreuneurship & Economic Developement and Culture & Dance.

The symposium will conclude with an interactive debate on the future of the Kurdish region with youth representatives from Dutch political parties; the potential leaders of tomorrow.

In between our morning and afternoon, we will offer a catered lunch that will introduce you to the strong and beautiful flavors of Kurdistan.

In summary, we hope this whole-day symposium will leave you satisfied both intellectually and mentally, yet inspire you to crave for more! For more details on the programme, please see below:

10:00-10:30: Coffee and Tea
10:30-11:30: Keynote speech on Kurdish history by prof. dr. Martin van Bruinessen, Professor at Utrecht University
11:30-13:00: “Kurds Today” by Reber Dosky, film director

13:00-14:00: A catered Kurdish lunch by Catering NoeNoe

14:00-15:30: Break-out sessions: Gender & Women’s Rights, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, Culture & Dance
15:30-16:30: Plenary debate on the future of the Kurdish region with youth representatives from Dutch political parties
16:30-18:00: Conclusion and mixer

We hope you are as excited about this symposium as we are! Please email in order to register and send us any questions you may have.

Please note that Montium members pay an entrance fee of €7,50 and non-members pay €12,50.

Symposium: 2500 Years of Kurdistan - Montium